Commercial HVAC

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A proper heating system is essential for your business place to ensure the comfort of your employees and customers.


We install and repair both vented AC units as well as ductless splits and heat pumps for businesses in Hamilton and surrounding area.

Commercial Refrigeration

We install, repair, service, and maintain all walk-in coolers, freezers and refrigerators as well as reach in coolers in Hamilton and surrounding area.

Gas Piping

We perform conversions on equipment operating on either natural gas and/or propane in Hamilton and surrounding area.

Sheet Metal

We fabricate and install high quality sheet metal for both large and small projects in Hamilton and surrounding area

Our Commercial HVAC Services


Commercial HVAC Installations

Dynamic Heating and Cooling offers your business a wealth of commercial HVAC installation experience. Our highly trained commercial HVAC technicians are equipped to systematically install all commercial HVAC equipment for your building, including common rooftop commercial HVAC systems up to 25 tons, A/C units, and rooftop furnaces.

Commercial HVAC Repair

At Dynamic Heating and Cooling, our experienced certified technicians and licensed mechanics provide safe and reliable repairs to customers in the industrial, institutional, and food service industries.  We can source or fabricate parts for your equipment fast. Let us help you extend the life of your commercial HVAC equipment. If we cannot repair your equipment we can replace your HVAC system or equipment.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Your refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and natural gas equipment is crucial to your productivity. When one piece of equipment fails, your whole business suffers. Dynamic Heating and Cooling can help your business prevent catastrophic downtime with regular inspections and maintenance. Click here to view our Maintenance Packages.

Commercial HVAC Fabrication

Sometimes your commercial repairs and installations require custom fittings and assembling. At Dynamic Heating and Cooling, we are fully capable of machining, bending and forming high-quality sheet metal and other parts custom-fit for your commercial HVAC system.

Commercial Industries We Service

Industrial Buildings

Food Services

Institutional Buildings

Health Facilities

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We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients. Our hope is that you trust us with all of your HVAC needs, both commercial and residential. If you’ve never used our services before and you’re looking for someone you can rely on, call us today and receive 10% off your first servicing/maintenance appointment.


Our Commercial Heating Services

Commercial RoofTop Units

We offer installation and repair for a variety of commercial rooftop HVAC systems at great prices. Your industrial heating unit should be durable and should provide reliable performance, and energy-efficient operation. York, Carrier, Trane, Lennox, Daikan, and Goodman.

Commercial Boilers

We have been providing commercial boiler repair and installation services for over 10 years throughout Hamilton. We have the ability to work on any make or model including American Standard,York, Carrier, Trane, Lennox, Daikan, and Goodman.

Make-up Air Units

The installation of a Make-up air unit is the most efficient way to maintain indoor air quality by diluting air born bacteria with outside fresh air. They’re often seen in high open areas and help reduce the energy consumed to heat the space.

In-Floor Heating

Commercial in-floor heating will influence the health and wellness of the employees by avoiding drafts and dust particles (allergens) to be blown around the work area. The heat stays where you want it at the body level and not in the ceiling.


Our Commercial Cooling Services

Commercial RoofTop Units

We Bring industry-leading technology and equipment to provide professional installation, repair, and service so you receive a dependable, sustainable system that provides superior comfort and indoor air quality in your commercial building. York, Carrier, Trane, Lennox, Daikan, and Goodman.

Commercial Heat Pumps

Commercial Heat Pumps provide air conditioning and humidity control. During the heating season, a heat pump moves heat from the cool outdoors into your building space; then during the cooling season, it transfers heat from your building space to the warm outdoors.

Commercial Ductless Splits

These small cooling and heating systems are ideal for cooling computer or server rooms; regulating temperature in sunrooms; creating zone systems that allow the cooling or heating of only one room at a time; supplementing a central air system for room additions and such.

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